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Explore Mt. Rainier National Park

It’s already like mid-July up here!  The snow has melted early this year, and conditions are already like mid-summer for hiking!  Head up to the top of Sunrise for the most panoramic views of Mt. Rainier, wildflowers and lots of snow-free trails. Or why not check out Chinook Pass and Tipsoo Lake?  It’s already melted out and the Naches Peak Loop is not to be missed.  The lower elevation trails at Paradise have also melted early this year, and the drive there is gorgeous!  On the way, visit 1000 year old trees in the Ohanapecosh and check out the rushing water at Box Canyon. 

We feel so lucky to be located just 1 mile outside the northeast entrance to this incredible National Park.  We’re the closest accommodations to the Sunrise area, but it’s easy to explore the whole park from here.

It’s great that your entry fee is good for a week since there’s so much to do.  When you check in, you’ll find a comprehensive Guest Information book with descriptions and pictures of our favorite trails, plus we have lots of maps in the office.  All of us who work at Alta Crystal Resort are also huge mountain fans, so we can help you plan your days as well.

Those of us who live around here love the Sunrise area.  It’s the highest point to which you can drive in all the Cascades (6400 feet—1000 feet higher than Paradise) and has Mt. Rainier’s most panoramic views and hikes.  (Just so you know, the picture on the map you receive when you enter the Park was taken from Sunrise!)  Tour buses also don’t like to take the winding road up to Sunrise, meaning fewer crowds and more of an authentic Pacific Northwest experience.  In fact, many of the rangers at Mt. Rainier take their families to Sunrise when they visit from out of town:

Here are links to some of our favorite trails.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure to Like us on Facebook, as we post pictures there of our most recent adventures.

Shadow Lake and Burroughs Mountain
Naches Peak Loop
Dewey Lakes
Summerland Trail
Grove of the Patriarchs
Sunrise wildflower hikes
Silver Falls
Dege Peak
Palisades Lake


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