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Area Activities - Early Spring Activities

Come up in April and choose your season. Visit winter by going up high. Or stay down low and marvel at spring. This may just be our favorite season. Oh, we have some incredible Spring Specials too -- just visit the Specials page. See you soon!


There are lots of trails throughout this state park, and even though the main entrance closes in winter, the trails are open year-round.  Just drive to the Park and pick… Learn More

Hiking in the national forest

The hiking this winter has been phenomenal, and many of our guests have spent hours exploring this area’s miles and miles of trails.  There are many places you can go… Learn More

Marvel At Spring Waterfalls

Water, water everywhere!  As the snow melts, the waterfalls start.  And a waterfall hike is a great way to celebrate spring.

Snoquera Falls.  Skookum Falls.  Goat Falls.  Deep Creek Falls. … Learn More

Places To Snowshoe (Rentals Too!)

There are so many great places to snowshoe around here.  This year, the lower elevation trails have melted early—so for the best snowshoeing, head up to the top of the… Learn More

Ski Cross Country

There are good places to cross country ski here. Our recommendations will vary based on freezing levels and here are some of our favorites.

One of our favorite places to… Learn More