Suntop Lookout

This old fire lookout is located at 5280 feet, with incredible views of Mt. Rainier and all the Cascades.  It’s an awesome place for views, but we also like to go up there for a picnic lunch, or to hang out and watch the sunset across the Enumclaw plateau.

The access is via Forest Service Road 73 and 7315.  Both are gravel roads that are in decent shape, but expect a few pot holes and “washboard-y” conditions on 7315 to the top.  (In other words, we wouldn’t take our favorite sports car up there!)

UPDATE:  May 13, 2017.  FS 7315 is now open.  You can drive up about 2.5 to 3 miles and hike from there (about 2.5-3 miles each way).  With the warmer temperatures forecast for this week, the snow will melt rapidly, so soon you'll be able to drive most of the way.  You can also hike/snowshoe the Suntop Trail from the Buck Creek Road trailhead (FS 7160).  Ask for details.