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Alta Crystal Resort Amenities - In Room Dining

Our suites and honeymoon cabin are the types of places where you’ll enjoy relaxing….and that’s just why we’ve introduced our gourmet in-room “heat and eat” meals.

There’s nothing we love more than going out for a vigorous day outside, and then coming back to relax – soaking in the hot tub, swimming in the pool, making a fire, enjoying a glass of wine and eating a wonderful gourmet in-room meal that we don’t have to cook. 

Our gourmet dinners are pre-cooked so all you’ll need to do is heat them up when you’re ready to eat.  Each would take you 2-4 hours to prepare at home (if you had the time).  They come to us frozen from a small gourmet caterer in Seattle, so just follow the simple instructions for a delicious meal.  Stop by the office to order.

P.S.  Many of our guests pair these with a fresh salad.  Need dessert?  How about Ben & Jerry’s or chocolate lava cakes?  You’ll find these items, and more, in our on-site grocery store. 

FROM THE KITCHEN DOOR:  A small gourmet caterer out of Seattle.

Carne Asada Fajita Bowl

All of your favorite fajita ingredients in one dish.  Seasoned Painted Hills top sirloin carne asada, sweet bell peppers and onions, seasoned black beans, Mexican rice.  Ole!

Chicken Asado Fajita Bowl

Tender sliced boneless skinless Draper Valley chicken breast sprinkled with asado seasonings and grilled to perfection.  Served with bell peppers, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, Mexican rice, seasoned black beans.  Muy delicioso.

Stacked Green Chili Vegetarian Enchiladas

Roasted vegetables layered with a delicious green chili sauce, corn tortillas, Monterey Jack cheese and cilantro, and baked to perfection.  Served with Mexican rice. 

Turkey Bolognese with Lagana Rigatoni

Our house-made turkey Bolognese sauce is absolutely mouth-watering.  Paired with locally produced Lagana Foods rigatoni, it’s the perfect combination.  Lagana Foods prepares their pasta fresh in the heart of downtown Seattle..  Their traditional bronze cut dies leave a bit of a rough edge on the surface of the pasta, allowing the sauce to adhere.  We know you will love it too.

Tilapia with Chili Mango Salsa

Flaky tilapia fillet seasoned and baked to perfection.  Topped with a delectable chili mango salsa (on the side) and served with citrus white rice and green beans.  Slightly spicy.

Maplewood Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs              

Succulent tender baby back maple-wood slow smoked pork ribs.  Served apple-wood bacon baked beans and corn on the cob.  No small portion here!