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Alta Crystal Resort Amenities - In Room Dining

Our suites and honeymoon cabin are the types of places where you’ll enjoy relaxing….and that’s just why we’ve introduced our gourmet in-room “heat and eat” meals.

There’s nothing we love more than going out for a vigorous day of skiing, snowshoeing or snow play, then coming back to relax – soaking in the hot tub, swimming in the pool, making a fire, enjoying a glass of wine and eating a wonderful gourmet in-room meal that we don’t have to cook. 

Our gourmet dinners are pre-cooked so all you’ll need to do is heat them up when you’re ready to eat.  Each would take you 2-4 hours to prepare at home (if you had the time).  They come to us frozen from a couple of different caterers, so just follow the simple instructions for a delicious meal.  Stop by the office to order. 

FROM THE KITCHEN DOOR:  A small gourmet caterer out of Seattle.

Smoked Gouda & Cheddar Enchiladas With Chipotle Sauce

The smokiness of these enchiladas really make this an outstanding dish.  Deep, rich flavors combined with a savory chipotle enchilada sauce. This dish has some heat.  Served with seasoned black beans and Mexican rice.

Roasted Pork Chop with Pomegranate Gastrique
With Brussels Sprouts, Kale & More

A Carlton Farms bone-in pork chop is slow roasted and served with a pomegranate gastrique (sauce). It is then paired with roasted Brussels sprouts, sauteed kale and coriander carrot emulsion for a delicious meal. 

Cilantro Lime Chicken Fajitas

This is one of the Kitchen Door’s most popular entrees.  Chicken breasts were marinated in a cilantro lime vinaigrette, and then sautéed with sweet bell peppers and onions.  Served with Mexican rice and seasoned black beans.  Flour tortillas included.

Beef Tagine with Butternut Squash

Tender Beef Chuck is braised with spices including cinnamon, paprika & ginger, and then finished with butternut squash.  Served with herb couscous for a perfect winter meal.

Eggplant Parmesan

Layers of thickly sliced eggplant were coated with a crisp breadcrumb mixture, and then layered with house made basil tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.  Served with spaghetti noodles.  Buon appetito.

FROM DINEWISE:  The national leader in gourmet frozen meals.

Roasted Crab Cakes with Lobster Sauce
Grilled Corn & Roasted Red Peppers
Asparagus Cuts
$ 17.50

You’ll feel like you are dining in style with these oven-roasted crab cakes. Served in a smooth and creamy lobster sauce,  alongside a tasty blend of grilled corn, roasted red peppers and asparagus cuts.  One of our caterer’s best sellers.