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Alta Crystal Resort Blog

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Mon Oct 25, 2010

All the rain that’s falling in the lowlands is falling as snow at Crystal, and it’s starting to look like a winter wonderland!  Time to wax your skis and boards, and start doing those lunges!

There’s so much happening at Crystal for this winter.  The new 8-passenger gondola is on schedule, and it’s going to be really cool!  Skiers and boarders will love being able to bypass mid-mountain lines and get to the top faster, but one of the best things about the new gondola (in our opinion) is the fact that non-skiers will be able to enjoy Crystal’s winter… Read Full Story

Hike the Noble Knob Trail now for huckleberries

Wed Sep 15, 2010

We love the Noble Knob trail, and hike it several times each year.  The views of Mt. Rainier are glorious any time of year.  The wildflowers are incredible in the summer.  And now (in September) the huckleberries are everywhere.

You can actually hike to Noble Knob from Alta Crystal Resort,  It’s about 4 miles each way.  The first 3 1/2 miles is forested (with some great spots for views of the White River Valley).  At about 3 1/2 miles, you come to a clearing with an incredible view of the mountain!  Breathtaking.

At this point, the trail gets steep for… Read Full Story

June Waterfall Hikes

Thu May 06, 2010

Waterfall lovers everywhere—rejoice!  This is your time of year!

We’ve been spending many weeks already exploring trails we haven’t walked since the fall.

The waterfalls, in particular, are pretty wonderful right now!  Right behind Alta Crystal Resort (a whopping 10-minute walk), you can check out Deep Creek Falls, a gorgeous 15-foot waterfall.  Along the way, you’ll probably take picture after picture of Deep Creek since it literally looks like someone must have planned it to be so beautiful.

You can also hike 3 miles roundtrip to Goat Falls.  This hike is listed in The Mountaineers’ Book, “Best Hikes With Kids”… Read Full Story