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An Email That Blew Us Away!

Wed Apr 13, 2011

Every once in a while, we get something that blows us away.  That’s what happened today.

Thank you, Jack, for your kind words and for giving us permission to share this.  You have no idea how much this means to us.

“I often speak of my visit to Alta Crystal Resort though it has been well over a year. I was re-activated by the Army in June 2009 for another tour to Iraq and was training at Fort Lewis. We had a few days to ourselves and one thing I desperately needed to do was get away from the rest of the unit. Though I had only been assigned to the unit for a couple of months I knew right away it was going to be a long year.

So these few days of September I was to have to myself had become very important to me. From the top floor of the medical center at Fort Lewis I often would stop and admire the incredible view of Mt. Rainier. Spending most of my life in the Southeast I had not seen such a site but for a few times during my military travels and that was usually at a distance. This time it was still from a distance but now I finally had a chance to not only see but experience. So I surfed the internet and found your resort. It did not take long for me to decide a plan of action.
I was to spend the first day in Seattle at a baseball game, went sailing on Puget Sound and had a very nice dinner on top of the space needle. The next day I drove to Alta Crystal Resort and spent the next few days relaxing, exploring the area to include Paradise, and of course enjoying several bottle of wine from your store. the young lady who worked nights there was an incredible help to me. I was there alone, by the seat of my pants and she directed me where to go and what to see. I believe I ended up staying there three nights of the four nights I had from the unit.

It was a great experience with great pictures which I often show to my friends. The place stuck to me and though I do not know if I will ever see Washington again there was a lasting impression left with me I often talk about. Thank you and your staff for the hospitality. Be safe.”
                                            Jack Rawlings


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