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Snowshoe Tour At Crystal Mountain

Thu Jan 28, 2010

We’ve been absent from our blog for a while (having too much fun doing outside things, you know!). But we finally went on Crystal Mountain’s Alpine Wilderness Snowshoe tour a couple of weeks ago, and we wanted to let you know just how wonderful it was!

We first did this tour almost 2 years ago when Crystal was testing the idea with employees and locals.  We meant to sign up all last winter, but kept forgetting until it was too late.  Our friend, Tena, convinced us to actually schedule it in advance this time (!) and so 4 of us went on January 16.

The first easy step was an easy snowshoe up to the Quicksilver lift for the start of our adventure.  After a 15-minute lift ride, we all gathered for our adventure into the South Backcountry.  In all, there were 26 of us intrepid adventurers, plus 3 Crystal Mountain Guides.

It was so beautiful that our photos just can’t do it justice.  After snowshoeing for less than 5 minutes, we were in the South Backcountry with no other people (other than those on the tour) and no ski tracks.

About 20 minutes into our tour, the snow started to fall and, yes, the flakes were just as big as they look in these photos!  We passed Lower Henskin Lake (beautiful in the summer, by the way) and headed up to Upper Henskin Lake.  There, we stopped at the “Leanin’ Tree Lounge” for a snack of hummus, pita bread and veggies that our guides had brought along! 

By the time we had finished our snack, it was dark—but Crystal had provided head lamps for us for just this purpose!  Don’t we all look really cool with our lamps on?!

The snowshoe down the lift line was easy (even though it was dark) and we were so glad to know we had dinner waiting.  Crystal had set up group tables on the mezzanine level, with delicious cheese fondue, and bread, apples, grapes, asparagus and carrots for dipping and a great apple crumble dessert.  We added a bottle of red wine, and we were just as contented as any 4 people could be!

We had our own snowshoes so the tour and dinner were just $30 per person, plus we added a gratuity for the guides and the servers.  If you need snowshoes, just add $20 per person.  We think it’s a great value at either price!

Maybe you should make this your winter to try it.  You can make reservations now by calling Crystal Mountain at 360-663-2265 and pressing the Guest Services option.  Enjoy!


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