Spring Quiet Season Savings:  April 23 - May 25, 2017

We love it our here in the spring.  It's quiet -- the perfect antidote to your busy city life -- and you'll often feel like you have the trails and the mountains to yourselves.  When you wake up in the morning, you'll often hear the call of a wood thrush, and when you go to bed at night, you might hear a Great Horned Owl hooting over by our field.  The elk are stilll down here for the winter, and at dusk and dawn, you'll often find them grazing in our field.  We recently spotted an ermine near here, half white and half brown as its coat changes from winter to summer. 

There are miles and miles of trails through the national forest right from your door, or we can give you directions to umpteen other trails.  The waterfalls are incredible right now -- Goat Falls, Skookum Falls and Snoquera are three of our favorites.  This time of year, we also love to ride our road bikes into Mt. Rainier National Park before the roads open to cars (see below for the schedule) -- or we have mountain bikes for rent as well.  If you'd like to snowshoe, now is the perfect time as Crystal Mountain is closed for skiing, and you can explore all its trails and enjoy the solitude.    If you like old trees, check out the trails at Federation Forest State Park or hike to Greenwater Lakes.   And, of course, our pool and hot tub are a hit during the spring.   Click here for Spring Activities. 

Cayuse Pass scheduled to open May 19.   When Cayuse Pass opens, you'll be able to drive into Mt/ Rainier National Park to access the Crystal Lakes, Shriner Peak and Owyhigh Lakes Trails, as well as trails in the Ohanapecosh area.  Feel free to email us or give us a call if you'd like an update or hiking suggestions for your stay.

The Sunrise Road to the White River Campground will open soon.  We are hoping for a May 19 opening as the road is already cleared.  Stay tuned.

Chinook Pass is scheduled to open by May 26, along with the Stevens Canyon Road over to Paradise -- just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Click here for a list of opening and closing dates for Cayuse and Chinook Passes since 1935 and click here for an update on Cayuse Pass clearing efforts.



Just click "Reservations" to learn more.  Happy Spring everyone.