Dog-Friendly Hikes

There are so many places to go with your dog out here, and it truly is dog heaven.  Basically, the general rule is that dogs are welcome anywhere in the national forest.  They are not as welcome in Mt. Rainier National Park and they’re only allowed on roads (boring) but we can suggest tons of places to go that are every bit as beautiful as anywhere in the Park.

We’ve talked a lot about hiking elsewhere (look under Hiking on the Activities page) so we’re not going to repeat everything here.  But here are a few of our favorite dog-friendly hikes:

  • Goat Falls:  3 miles roundtrip from Alta Crystal Resort
  • The Deep Creek Trail to Noble Knob:  About 7 miles roundtrip right from Alta Crystal Resort
  • The White River Trail from Alta Crystal Resort
  • Any of the trails off the top of Corral Pass Road
  • Any of the trails at Crystal Mountain
  • The Sheep Lake Trail
  • The Greenwater Lakes Trail
  • And that’s just for starters!

Check with us in the office and we’re happy to give you copies of maps and even more ideas of places to go.