Fall Colors

Come up here for gorgeous Fall colors.  In fact, Chinook Pass is known for some of the best colors in the state.  Vine maples, huckleberry bushes and larch produce an incredible display.  Larch (or Tamarack) is actually unique to Washington and is only found in the Chinook and White Pass areas among other evergreen trees.  It is actually golden in color, and visible until much of the other color is gone.  Just so you know, the Chinook Scenic Byway is the ONLY highway in Washington that’s both a scenic byway and an All American Road—it’s that beautiful.  Click here to read more about this highway.  Make sure to visit the photo gallery!

For those who travel off road or have a high clearance vehicle, you can drive from Chinook Pass to the White Pass Highway via Bethel Ridge Road 1500 and take it all in. Once on top Bethel Ridge you will be absolutely astounded by the transition in colors across the landscape. Just don’t forget the camera.

But Fall colors aren’t limited to Chinook Pass.  This photo was taken at Greenwater Lakes, one of our all-time favorite Fall hikes, and the color displays in the Ohanapecosh area along the river are incredible!  Just ask us when you arrive for more suggestions.