Mt. Rainier National Park

Update:  October 31, 2016

The month of November represents a transition from Fall to winter.  Cayuse Pass & Chinook Pass will stay open until the first heavy snowfall (usually sometime in November) -- but until that time, you can visit some of our favorite trails, with no crowds.  Stay down low for snow-free trails, or go up high to visit the snow.  Click here to read about what you can do right now.   Note that the Sunrise Road and Stevens Canyon Road are now closed.


Mt. Rainier Information for next Fall:

We feel so lucky to be located just 1 mile outside the northeast entrance to this incredible National Park.  We’re the closest accommodations to the Sunrise area, but it’s easy to explore the whole Park from here.

It’s great that your entry fee is good for a week since there’s so much to do.  When you check in, you’ll find a comprehensive Guest Information book with descriptions and pictures of our favorite trails, plus we have lots of maps in the office.   All of us who work at Alta Crystal Resort are also huge mountain fans, so we can help you plan your days as well.

Although we're closest to the Sunrise area, it's actually easy to explore the whole Park from here:

Sunrise:  The turnoff to Sunrise is just 6 miles from here, and before you make the turn onto the Sunrise Road, you'll see a trailhead for Crystal Lakes, a fabulous Fall hike.   Mt. Rainier National Park usually keeps the road to the top of Sunrise open through Columbus Day (and sometimes longer) and the road to the White River Campground open until the end of October, weather permitting.   Click here to visit our Sunrise page.

Ohanapecosh:  The Ohanapecosh area is about 20-25 minutes south of here, and is famous for the Grove of the Patriarchs, a stand of 1000 year old trees, and Silver Falls, the Park's largest volume waterfall.  But there are some other really cool places to explore.    Click here for our Ohanapecosh page.

Chinook Pass/Tipsoo Lake:  The Chinook Pass/Tipsoo Lake area is about a 15-minute drive from here, and offers spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.  As of October 17, there's a little bit of snow on the ground, but that only adds to the beauty!    Clck here for our Chinook Pass page. 

Paradise:  Paradise is 50 miles from here and the Stevens Canyon Road is scheduled to remain open through October 30, weather permitting.  (After the Stevens Canyon Road closes, you can still access Paradise via FS 52 - Skate Creek Road- from Packwood until it closes due to snow.)  If you drive straight there, you can make it in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, but many people stop at scenic viewpoints along the way, and we love some of the hikes you find before Paradise such as Bench Lake & Snow Lake, Pinnacle Peak and the Lakes Trail from Reflection Lake.  Coming back via the Paradise Valley Road is usually much quicker, and some guests have told us they've made in back in less than an hour. 

The Blog section of our website also features lots of pictures of some of our favorite hikes -- and, if you like us on Facebook, you can stay in the know about the latest news and adventures.