Cross Country Skiing

There are good places to cross country ski here. Our recommendations will vary based on freezing levels and here are some of our favorites.

One of our favorite places to go is along Highway 410 into Mt. Rainier National Park.  The road is closed in the winter, but you can cross country ski for miles (and miles) along the banks of the White River.  Many guests like to go all the way past the Mather Wye (about 6.5 miles) where you’ll get beautiful views of Mt. Rainier.

Another favorite spot for beginners?  The air strip at Buck Creek, just about a mile from here.  It’s closed in the winter, but it’s nice and flat so perfect to work on your skating technique. 

The terrain at Crystal tends to be a little too steep for traditional cross country skiing (although it’s great for telemarking or randonee).  However, there are some back roads past some private ski clubs where many people go.

Suntop Lookout actually has a designated Sno-Park on FS 73 (Sno-Park permit required) where it’s possible to take off for a long cross country ski up to the Lookout.  This is best for experienced skiers.

Finally, when the snow level is nice and low, there’s a whole network of fabulous trails near Greenwater behind the fire department and along the Greenwater River.  Marvelous.

Need rental equipment or advice on places to go.  Talk to our friends at Greenwater Skis.