Boulder Cave

This is a fun activity for adults and children—and even your 4-legged buddy.  We often suggest Boulder Cave as an adventure on misty days in Western Washington since the weather on the other side of Chinook Pass is often completely different.  But it’s actually a good activity anytime!  We especially like to combine it with a visit to Whistlin’ Jacks or Gold Creek Station for lunch or dinner.  And the drive back on a full moon night is one of those things you’ll never forget.

Boulder Cave can be visited from here when Chinook Pass is open.  It's about a 45-minute drive from Alta Crystal Resort if you drive it straight, but most of our guests are going to stop along the way since there’s just so much to see.  The drive over Chinook Pass is gorgeous, of course, plus the Fife’s Peak viewpoint is worth a stop.

The trail to the Cave itself is less than 2 miles roundtrip, and it’s pretty gentle.  You’ll ascend from the parking lot to a ridge with views of a canyon cut by Devil’s Creek.  You’ll then descend to the actual cave entrance.  The cave itself is 350’ long and 30’ high—and you will definitely need a flashlight.  It’s pitch black once you get inside!  The US Forest Service did a great job with interpretive signs so you’ll know what you’re seeing.  Read more about Boulder Cave here.

When you exit the Cave, you can walk back up to the main trail—or, if it’s hot and you’re feeling brave, you can rock hop down the canyon back to the parking lot.  The water is cold!  Also, in the spring, Devil’s Creek can run high, so pay attention to the conditions, and we don’t recommend it with little kids.  But it is really fun.

The Cave is normally closed from October until approximately Memorial Day to help protect a small population of Pacific Western Long Eared Bats that hibernate in the Cave.  Please take a moment to read the signs about the bats and do what you can to help them stay near Boulder Cave.