Wapiti Woolies

We’ve spent a lot of money at Wapiti Woolies over the years, and we always get compliments on the things we buy. Wapiti Woolies is known for its hats and, in fact, its hats have been all over the world—even to the top of Mt. Everest.

But it also carries lots of Mt. Rainier and Crystal Mountain hats, t-shirts and jackets—plus lots of other mountain apparel.  They have some pretty cool gifts too!

While you shop, you can enjoy an espresso or ice cream from their cafe, and they even have a couple of outdoor tables set up so you can relax.  They have wireless internet service also, so you can catch up on email if you just can’t quite get away from the real world.  You’ll often see locals stopping by to catch up on the latest trail conditions and gossip. 

Website: http://wapitiwoolies.com/