Palisades Lake: September 1, 2011

Friday, September 02, 2011

Another gorgeous hike with flowers, flowers everywhere.  Enjoy great photos courtesy of our friends at Visit Rainier.

This trail starts from Sunrise Point (the large switchback on the Sunrise road, about 3 miles before the Visitor Center).  The views from Sunrise Point are exceptional, and worth a stop on their own, and there are always people in the parking lot taking pictures.  However, not many of them actually take the time to hike down to the lakes even though they’re visible from the viewpoint.

There are actually a string of 6 alpine lakes, and you can hike to all of them (7.5 miles roundtrip), or just go as far as Sunrise Lake about .5 miles each way.  However, be aware that you’ll descend sharply for the first half mile or so, meaning you’ll have to climb back out—so save some energy! 

View photos from September 1, 2011 by clicking here, or read the full hike description by clicking here.  Happy hiking everyone!