Wildflowers, views and snow-free trails at Sunrise!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer has arrived.  It’s really that simple!  The Sunrise area is now a hiker’s delight, no matter what your age!

In the past 10 days, our guests have been exploring further and further afield and we get new reports of great trails every day!  Everyone is coming back with great stories to share—about wildflowers photographed, animals seen and incredible shots of Mt. Rainier.  There really isn’t a better time to visit up here!

We decided to take a quick hike on the Shadow Lake Trail on July 30th just so we could compare conditions with a short 9 days prior—and what a difference we found.  Flowers, flowers everywhere with fields of glacier lilies, gorgeous phlox, lupine and more.  There were happy people everywhere—picnicking in the sunshine, enjoying Ranger programs and enjoying the snow-free hiking trails.

These pictures are of the Shadow Lake trail—but there are many other trails to explore.  We hear the flowers in Glacier Basin are incredible right now, and guests are really enjoying the Emmons Moraine Trail.  Lots of guests have headed out to Fremont Lookout, and have come back with incredible pictures.  This past weekend, some guests hiked to Sheep Lake off Chinook Pass—always one of our favorite trails for early season flowers. And there are many, many more.  Crystal Lakes, Shriner Peak, the Eastside Trail—all are wonderful choices!

There’s still snow on the Naches Peak Loop at Chinook Pass, but it is melting rapidly so the flowers up there are still a few weeks away.  It seems like all of August will be wildflower month for Mt. Rainier.